Royal order of blogs

I move to create some sort of league of the royal outdated tech. With Josh and Jenny lamenting the death of blog nowt that it has been made miniature and puerile with the advent of twits and facebook. These online behemoths, coupled with the texting machines masquerading as phones have only furthered the constant updates on my vague acquaintances bowel movements.

Not that I hate new phones.  I just got a droid and I like to pretend its a Hitchhiker’s Guide.  With wikipedia on my desktop, it really works that way!

But anyway, Blogs are nice.  I don’t want them to go the way of the beta or the VHS tape.  And while the internet may be a series of tubes, I like to think of it more as a series of holes into otherspace.  And while tweets and updates may be a short shriek into a mud puddle, a blog can be a long shout, or even a rambling singsong into a very deep hole and that is far more satisfying. 

This league needs to happen.  We can have internet meet and greets and teeshirts that match and perhaps even business cards.  As a show of solidarity, I will continue to blog.