And the New Year Begins

It does so with gusto.

Erik and I went snowboarding on our favorite mountain and I never even once got obscenly frustrated (as i am want to do so often).  I took the slopes by storm, for a second year boarder, and even rode through a bit of deep sticky powder.  Until I fell and had to walk myself out again.  That is not fun at all.

I also took some wicked ninja spills while going fast, and rolled over my shoulder bouncing off the snow.  Sure, I landed with my face in the snow, but man I felt like that was the coolest freaking fall ever.  Wish I had a video.  I might have to chronicle it in the blank book.

I’ve been driven like a madwoman to fill the blank book with comics and fun things.  It’s pages are so pristine and beautiful and inviting I itch for a pencil just thinking about it.  I’ve started on a tale about a young Saxon girl in a Christian Monestary in the year 600.  Yes, I’ve taken the Barbarian spirit to heart.

The cover for now is some wrapping paper with a pattern of peacock feathers.  I’m toying with titles.  So far the best I’ve got is “The Blue Stands for False Things”, or “I Might Have Seen a Monster Once, Maybe”.  I’m not very good at titles.

Just recieved another rejection letter.  Have to say I expected it, too.  And I feel like I might be completely un-sellable, but I know that isn’t true until I’ve tried everyone.  Perhaps I should move away from horror markets.  I’m not very scary.  Problem is, I’m not very much of anything else either, just bits and pieces of all things.  Like a macaroni collage colored with finger paints.

I think perhaps I’ll scan some pages of the blue blank book and try to get some pictures up here.  I’m actually quite proud of a few.