the things I’ve done

Vacation, so far:

On day one, I did very very little.  It’s amazing to me that even in his more scholorly work, I can still laugh out loud at something written by Mark Twain well over a hundred years after it was written.  I do reccomend everyone read his Joan of Arc.

Day two, Erik took me to the zoo and it was the BEST DAY EVER.  All the animals were out.  We got to see the polar bears fed, the arctic foxes were out and running around (i want one, super bad), and even the tiger came out of hiding!  He got up walked down to the window and paced in front of us for a few minutes and growled.  Oh my god he was so cool.  And my friend the itty bitty octopus came out of hiding and swam around.  I got a really cool video of him smooshed up against the window.  I love that little guy.

Day three we went snowboarding at crystal.  I had a rainier at the tip top of the mountain, and successfully compleated two runs from the very top.  I not so succesfully compleated another which was marked black diamond only after we were at the point where there was no other way down outside of calling ski patrol.  I kind of had a break down halfway through, but Erik was very kind and stuck with me despite my yelling.  He then bought me a coffee, and we did another run from the top so I didn’t feel like a failure.  The day ended with tacos at mom’s house.  A wonderful end.

Just now, as I am writing this, it is day four of vacation, and I just finished inking the last page of my 29 page blank book comic.  It ends part one, and it marks the very first comic I’ve ever seen through to an actual end point.  Usually, I just forget I was doing anything after three pages and leave it at that. 

Future plans: draw up some designs for fixing my Ditty Bops shirt, maybe some designs for some other shirts I want but can’t find on etsy, buy fabric, and make them.  I figure that’s a more do-able plan than “Buy wood, go to dad’s shop, build a mandolin.” 

I still really want to do that, though.