In all previous experience, I’ve found that going back to read abandoned projects is a terribly painful experience, but right now there’s actually quite a bit of hope!  I decided to try and finally write this damn story that’s been stewing in my head for a year now, and instead of making it a novel, just give it a shot as a short.  But now as I’m reading the stuff I had down, I’m really liking it.  I think I’ll still try for the short, but I can still see this as a middle grade novel.  Wow.  This is like the first time ever I’ve gone back to something I gave up on a year ago and wanted to pick it up again.  Most times I want to vomit at how trite and noodlebrained I was a year ago.  Maybe this bodes well for me.  Sure, nobody else has seen it yet and said, “Well you know Megan, it actually doesn’t make me want to kill you on the spot!” but I think a bit of self confidence is the seed to a story.  After all, if the writer doesn’t want to read it, who the hell else will?