Vampires beware, my sleeping tree will protect me.

Just visited the new house to take some more measurements, and discovered a multitude of food in its infancy growing on the trees.  I know one will be apples.  Oh man I am so excited for this.  I hope they’re Gravensteins, but I’ll even be happy with crab.  There’s a crabapple tree at the house in Nebraska.  The others looked like Pear, Peach, and possibly nectarine?  The last was furthest along, but the most enigmatic.  And the leaves didn’t smell like anything, so I know it’s not citrus.

By the time we close, the peach should be fully ripe, and I am so going to make a million peach pies.  Oh man.  Peach pie.  Delicious.

As exciting as fruit trees are, I’m most taken with the giant spooky hawthorn tree out front.  It’s covered in leaves now, and while we were there the leaves were all folded up and droopy for the night.  I had no idea that hawthorn trees sleep!  It looks so cute while its sleeping, in spite of the inch long thorns and twisty giant trunk.  I love plants that close up at night, which is why I can never truly hate morning glory vines even as they choke out everything else in sight. 

Hawthorns are extra special because they keep away Wompires.  Something which Erik rolls his eyes about every time I bring it up.  But I do love a useful plant.  And keeping away imaginary pests, now that’s quite a feat.