Firey little bispecled bundle of potential

Yesterday I got the greatest rejection e-mail I could ever hope to receive from the fantastic Triangulation team over at  It left me motivated to take an active stance to better my writing (rather than just writing what comes and waiting for practice to make perfect), and they gave me a wonderful edit that will make the story a helluva lot better.  And even more amazing than that?  A lot of the comments hit on what I intrinsically felt was missing in some of my other work, but couldn’t quite pinpoint on my own. 

Yes, this does mean I have a massive amount of work ahead of me, but it’s a good feeling.  A conquerable sort of work.  I have a clear view of my obstacle, and I’ve got a few ideas on how to smash it to bits.

Non sequitur?  Just-extinguished-candle is the greatest smell and one person can ever hope to smell in her entire life.  A bit of truth for you there.  Free of charge.