Spider Friend

My husband made friends with the spider who lives in the window of his garage door. The garage is detached from the house, which I suppose makes a difference, because I do not allow house spiders (they are scooped up and removed to the back yard, or, if they refused to be scooped, they are squashed and thrown in the garbage).

It has been in the same spot for nearly two weeks that I can remember. He was lifting the garage door to let in some more light today and I warned him that the spider was right over his head if he used the handle. He said that’s okay. “He, or She, probably… She always holds on and just crawls up to sit on the door when I move it.” And yes, she did. She skipped off the web for a moment then caught hold again and trundled her way up to the vinyl door. “Her… thorax?”

I agreed, thorax, but I’m not really sure if that’s the right word for spider-butt.

“…it’s gotten really big. She caught a moth, and a yellow-jacket, and I’d rather she stay there than have moths in the garage. She doesn’t move from that spot.”

My husband hates yellow-jackets. Most people do. But I think he hates moths even more (they’re always in the way, and they’re heavy for insects), and I think watching the spider wrap up a moth and devour it sold him on the spider.

He’s a very practical guy. And his spider friend is pretty cute.