News From the Hole

Sometimes I start writing in iamb just to kickstart a first sentence, but then I want to rhyme everything. And rhymes are terrible, unless they are not. Often in prose they are terrible. They are signals to the brain, to enforce a certain meter to a sentence that might inadvertently draw the importance away from message you convey. The message may become Style rather than Story… style should vanish from story. Connecting directly to the brain is a life’s goal.

One day I will have mind control.

That’s a good rhyme.

When Ivan’s darling’s heart gave out, he brought her still warm body to her older sister’s witchy little hovel in the woods.

A spider lives inside a corpse’s rib cage.

I like to reference youtube and cellphones and twitter in fiction, in direct opposition to the idea that art needs be timeless. Old stories that hold up well are not timeless. Frankenstein was very much a part of 1816, just as Dracula was far more 1890’s. People do not see the difference of 80 years because their memories for history are poor.