I’m on a list somewhere.

Strangest Google Searches Made Over The Last Two Months, Devoid Of Context:

names of parts of eye
-Iris, Cornea, Pupil, some other uneeded bits.

michael jackson’s skin disease
-It’s called Vitiligo

johnny rotten’s hair
-turned out to be useless

can I have live grasshoppers delivered?
-Yes, I totally can.

recipie for grasshoppers
-You can cook them kind of like tiny shrimp!

foot of gibbon
-Thin palms, very dextrous

1995 Farewell Concert tee shirt for Oingo Boingo
-Couldn’t find any. Still searching. I hope it’s black.

Who wrote Beauty and the Beast?
-First verion written by Gabielle-Suzanne Barbot de Vileneuve, best known version is an abridgment made by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumaont.

bones in bat wing
-Very pretty. Looks like a hand.

Nose of white wing vampire bat
-So ugly it’s cute.

Vintage Eames sofas cost of
-Depending on what you’ve got, enough to cover a months expenses in Tacoma.

I’ve been working on a novel and it’s lead to some strange questions.