The Right Way to Meditate

I wish I were braver.

I watched a man laugh at a young girl, I think they were related, and tell her that she’d never meditated.  He had asked her if she had, after explaining that he was an expert to someone else, that he had all the books, that he could astral project, and I thought maybe by asking if she had ever meditated, he was asking her to join his world.

But he laughed at her when she said yes.  He said there’s no way you’ve ever meditated, not here in the city, not where you can hear the buzzing of electronics.  Haha, no.  He did not ask for her, he asked to prove his superiority.

The cruelty was so damn petty.  I’m sure he didn’t even notice it as cruelty.  It pissed me off.  I’m sure you can tell, because I am writing a blog post about it.  But here’s where I get petty: he was FUCKING WRONG.

I was a punk kid who was obsessed with being right, and one day, I saw my brother praying with his hands pressed into his forehead.  I laughed and told him he was doing it the wrong way.  My mother, Saint Cindy, gave me one of the greatest lessons of my childhood.  You will not make fun of your brother for praying, and there is no wrong way to communicate with God.  Everybody does it different.  The journey is private, and personal, and sacred.

That man had no right to laugh at that girl for how and where she meditated.  Her path toward peace does not need his validation.  And I wish I could have said that when I saw him laughing.  But anger hits me very slow, and articulation even later.  So here I am, two days late, telling the void that Everybody can meditate.  You don’t need to trash your electronics or read every book ever written on the subject.  You need to breathe, and keep breathing.

And don’t let your journey interrupt anyone else’s.



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