a very long denouement

I wrote something silly yesterday about wanting a collection of low conflict gentle stories to hold my hand and give me a hug. And then I wanted it enough to start writing.

There is, I’ve been told, no market for low conflict and meandering stories. But I’m a market. And I need to meander through some magic to regain some of my bearings.

I’ve lost a lot of bearings lately, and my heart hurts. I have a hard time actually processing my hurts, so I’ve decided to let myself wander into fantasy and explore a world where nothing is at stake.

I’m calling it A Very Long Denouement. I love a good denouement. That place in the story where the characters unwind and find some peace before the closing line. I want to capture that feeling in a series of vignettes that may intersect, and they may not. We’ll see where it goes.

little denouement cover

I’m going to cross post my denouements here and my page on Curious Fictions, as well as on Wattpad, because while I may be seeking some respite, I am still a leo. Roar.

So this is a new path. I hope you’ll join me in it.