The Twelve Things of Christmas (belated)

Hello friends. It has been a rough year, hasn’t it? My first response to minor and imagined threats is a total retreat into the shadows, so in this year of very real terror, it’s been difficult to even post the bit of art I’ve made. However, we just passed Christmas, which is a time I like to use to reflect on the simple pleasures I’ve found throughout the year, and pass on some recommendations to you. I’m a little late on my 12 days, so I’m going to give you them in groups of four.

Hovergirls is a great comic about two girls who gain superpowers, and neither of them are the best candidates for superpowers. The art is beautiful, and the story spends a lot of time making the characters very real people, plus it starts with giant jellyfish attacking a city and who doesn’t love that? The artist and writer is also very worth following on Instagram @GDBee because her portraits are so soothing. I want to have a GDBee painted pocket dimension to chill out in, but I can’t have that because I haven’t mastered dimension hopping, and her Insta is the next best thing.

There’s always some fiasco in the writing world involving some person trying to copywrite a thing that doesn’t belong to them, but none are funnier and better dramatized than Lindsey Ellis’s video on the author who tried to copywrite Omegaverse. Watch it here! BIG CONTENT WARNING: it starts with two and a half minutes of explicit content taken from the books in question, including rape and sexual violence. You can skip past that and there’s still an hour of video explaining the background of fanfiction tropes, and the difficulty of proving that a trope could be owned.

True Facts combines jokes and animals (two of my favorite things) into a surprisingly informative educational program (a third favorite thing!) Most focus on a single animal, usually weird ones like cuttlefish or mantis shrimp, and deliver about 8 minutes of things you’ve never heard about these animals. With jokes. However, the video I’m linking here is 12 minutes about cat’s senses. Because I do love cats very much, and there’s a really cool reason your house cat has snakey little slit eyes but their larger and deadlier cousins have big round people-y eyes.

Lastly, I just want to tell you something about my life. Erik and I adopted a cat almost two years ago, and I took him to the vet for the very first time last month. We knew of one vet trip previous to this: before he was taken to the humane society, a previous family found him stealing food from their cats’ dishes, and tried to take him to a vet where he was so scared and fighty that the vet couldn’t even determine his gender. At the humane society he was assumed feral and they marked his ear as such, but someone there was able to calm him down enough that they realized he does like people, he’s just really nervous.

With this background, I was really worried about taking him to a vet and betraying the trust we’ve built over the past two years. But, when I got him there, our vet was able to go through the full exam with him, and she stopped to talk to me when they were about to go into the blood draw and vaccines. She could tell he was getting really scared, and asked to hold him for a few hours while a sedative worked through his system, so he’d be asleep for the really scary parts of his visit. I was grateful for the consideration, and gladly picked him up a few hours later and brought him back home where he slept off the sedative. He didn’t hold the vet trip against me, and he still follows me around the block when we take walks together.

So this fourth good thing is actually a person: Dr. Linda at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital and a cat: Crater Lake Hosenpeals

hosenpeals is a mashup of erik and my last names, misspelled on both accounts

I hope the new year finds you well. And if not, perhaps some of these finds will improve it.