If you are reading this blog, you probably know my husband. I don’t think I have a wide reach, and that’s okay. This is a small and quiet space, because large ones make me anxious.

You probably know him as a very handy guy, easy to be friends with, clever and always willing to learn a new skill.

There is no one in this world I’d rather be a parent with, and throughout this pregnancy, every day has proven it true. Honestly, I don’t know that I’d ever want to be a parent if it weren’t with him. I joked when my test first came back positive that having kids was basically getting double married, but now that we’re at week 36 I know it wasn’t a joke.

It is very difficult to be pregnant with twins. Everything in my core hurts, and when I shift positions my lungs compress from the weight of them. My balance is off, and standing requires a slow process of shifting weight until my legs steady underneath me. And he has helped me through the house, in and out of cars, rubbed my shoulders when they’re sore from overcompensating my inaccessible abdominal muscles.

My brain is foggy, and he writes down my questions so I don’t forget to ask them at the doctor’s office.

He’s been building and finishing so many projects, getting our house ready for the kids’ arrival, and all of this is so good, but it adds up to so much more.

I know that I can trust him with anything. I can be vulnerable with him. Actual, in person vulnerable, which is still hard, and he still has to remind me that I need to let him handle the things I’m currently unable to do.

He’s going to be in the operating room with me during the c-section. It’s the kind of thing I’d only ask of someone with 15 years of background in being my partner. Because I love him more than anything. Yes, more than the babies I’m scheduled to meet in about a week.

Right now, the kids are still a dream for the future. And we’re excited to see them, and learn who they are, and guide them as best we can. And they’ll be folded into the love Erik and I have for each other, and grow new branches that are entirely their own.

Because I really really love my husband. I’m glad we’re double married.

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