The Threadwork Rituals

Tillie and Mavis (pink background and yellow) were first seen in the story Silk Will Hold the Bones Together.  Mackenzie becomes Mavis’s witch apprentice in a follow up story that is slowly seeking publication.


The Late Mr. Folsom’s Luminosity Shop

Florence Leilani Folsom

Florence the mermaid is a lot nicer than she looks.  She’ll premier in the October 2018 issue of Intergalactic Medicine Show.


Where You Get Your Ideas

J_ works in a fantasy prop shop.  Their story was podcast at Cast of Wonders.


If We Could Fix the Horizon

fix the horizon (2)

This unnamed mermaid showed up at Toasted Cake.  I maybe like mermaids a lot.  Especially spooky ones.


Film School for the Recovering Fae

Fae (2)

Fae keeps bees

Fae and Frank (2)

Frank helps